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Enjoy exceptional acupuncture in Philadelphia! Our approach is to work with you and develop a personalized treatment plan that incorporates acupuncture and the related practices of moxabustion, gua-sha and cupping, to assist your body in healing itself.  Learn more – read the Acupuncture FAQ!

Initial Evaluation and Treatment (1.5 hours) $120
Follow-up Treatments (1 hour) $90
Acupuncture for Smoking Cessation (2x weekly treatments for 2-4 weeks) $300 per week

By working on balancing your body’s brain chemistry, acupuncture adjusts your response to cravings. It also helps heal the damage smoking causes. Number of treatments varies by patient, according to  your individual response and underlying conditions, but all provide the support you need to attain your goal.

Facial Acupuncture Special Discount

10% discount with 6 week treatment package ($180 in savings when paid in advance).

Facial Acupuncture (2x weekly for 6 weeks)
12 treatments for $1800

Forget the knife, laser or syringe – acupuncture’s gentle use of fine needles and massage can achieve dramatic anti-aging results which work from the inside out.

Facial Acupuncture maintenance
(every few months, as needed) $150

Will prolong results and is highly recommended after completing a full 6-week treatment.

Please fill out these forms and bring them to your first appointment:

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For your information:

Acupuncture FAQ
Facial Acupuncture FAQ
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