Spotlight on Acupuncturist Catherine

acupuncturist catherine

acupuncturist catherineYou can feel Catherine’s gentle goodness from the moment you meet her. “Acupuncture is about how you view yourself, how you view the world, and how you view yourself in the world, then releasing all false ideas and expectations.”

Catherine has always been homepathic-minded and was hooked from the first time she tried acupuncture in her 20s. Her profound experience on the acupuncture table awakened something that years later lead her back to study Traditional Chinese Medicine at the place where it all began.

While she believes that being in the ocean is the cure for most skin ailments, when Catharine can’t get to the sea, she treats herself with John Masters Rose Foaming Cleanser followed by the Rose + Apricot Day Creme. They are light for summer and perfect for everyday use.


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