Traditional Indian Medicine, known as Ayurveda, is the science of life and longevity. Ayurveda seeks to balance the body through diet, herbal medicine, massage, purification, and lifestyle discipline, thereby restoring harmony with the body, mind, and spirit. Ayurvedic Head Massage is a treatment performed on a massage table that targets the muscles of the shoulders, neck, head and face, using a combination of massage and Marma Point therapy.

What are Marma Points? Marma Points are areas of the body where several types of tissue meet; such as muscles, ligaments, and bones. According to Ayurveda, these are also areas through which the subtle energies of the body can be directed. Imbalances can be shifted by activating various constellations of these Marma Points –there are 107 points throughout your body- alleviating a plethora of physical and mental discomfort!

Ayurvedic Head Massage is suitable for most people, including pregnant women after the first trimester. This is an excellent treatment for those suffering from poor sleep patterns, migraines, anxiety, and people who work at a desk all day. As a special treat, ask about adding an essential oil blend that promotes healthy hair and scalp!

Despite its many benefits, there are cases where this may not be an appropriate treatment. If you have epilepsy, scalp infection, conjunctivitis, high or low blood pressure, or are recovering from recent surgery, you should avoid this service.

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Ana Figueiredo,  LMT

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