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LeGrand Moisturizer originated in 2010 out of the desire to create rejuvenating moisturizer that would be free of synthetic chemicals. The founder of LeGrand Moisturizer, Rodger LeGrand, studies Kung Fu and writes poetry, two arts that have motivated his minimalist lifestyle. He became driven to develop a minimalist moisturizer that would be hydrating, all-natural, and most importantly, chemical-free. The result of his search is LeGrand Moisturizer.

LeGrand Moisturizer is minimal by design to hydrate your skin the way nature intends, without synthetic chemicals. No one has ever looked back on life wishing they had put more chemicals on their skin. The base of our moisturizing plan is designed to extend across three checkpoints each day: morning mindfulness, midday empowerment, and night relaxation. Our products are made to embody mindfulness, empowerment, relaxation.


Mindfulness. Wakefulness. Fresh picked, garden peppermint generates the vibrant, contemplative fragrance of an early morning cup of herbal tea or a stop at the library on a weekend afternoon. Wake with a calm exuberance for starting the day. Known for nourishing dull skin and improving the texture of uneven and oily skin. Anti-inflammatory. Promotes circulatory flow. Stimulate mental focus and memory function. LeGrand Moisturizer—Peppermint. Be present. Be awake. Be mindful.


Empowerment. Tropical exuberance, early spring—citrus, glow of midday sun reflecting off your skin. Empower your creativity. Revitalize. LeGrand Moisturizer—Sweet Orange provides sustaining hydration and energy. Infuse your day with sweet, citrus aroma. Orange essential oil is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory. Promote creativity and playfulness. Create a great midday energy frequency that will realign positive energy when you need it most. Be positive. Be energized. Be empowered.


Relaxation. Restoration. High altitude French Lavender captures the sweet floral scent carried off a hilltop in the French countryside. As the sun dips below the horizon, time to unwind. Time to let it all go. LeGrand Moisturizer—French Lavender, sooths, calms. Restorative properties of lavender essential oil have been known to calm skin irritations and scarring. Nourish your skin at the end of a long day while preparing for deep, restful sleep. Be free. Be calm. Be relaxed.

LeGrand Moisturizer does not test products on animals, and we never will. If our business partners ever test on animals, in any capacity, they will no longer be our business partners.



The original medicine, olive leaf, with antioxidant levels higher than green tea, is green the way green should be. Olive leaf extract gives LeGrand Moisturizer its signature color. The green flecks in our all-natural moisturizer are fragments of olive leaves, infused with antimicrobial properties against viruses, bacteria, yeast, and parasites.


Have you seen plants develop a thin, white coating around their the leaves? That’s plant wax. It helps to regulate leaf hydration. Wax forms around leaves to prevent moisture from evaporating too rapidly. It’s sustainable, natural. LeGrand Moisturizer is a vegan product. We do not use beeswax in our moisturizer.


Water makes up 75% of the earth and 75% of the human body. Each person loses 3-4 liters of waters daily. LeGrand Moisturizer infuses the skin with H2O, refreshingly return the body to its natural state of 75% water. Distilled to remove impurities, we use pure water for pure results.


Rich with vitamin E, omega fatty acids, and antioxidants, sweet almond oil makes the skin feel soft, renewed. LeGrand Moisturizer uses sweet almond oil, heavier than other carrier oils, to sink into the epidermis, pulling with it vitamin E, omega fatty acids, antioxidants, distilled water, and olive leaf extract nutrients.

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