Lydia customizes each client’s treatment based on their body and history as a whole, approaching massage and therapeutic body work with a very personal touch. Her studies into the human body and psyche are continual, which allows her to always meet the client where they are at each day. Her approach to massage is fluid, caring, and present. With 5+ years of background study in Thai Massage, Cranial-Sacral Therapy, Sports Cupping, Myo-Fascial Release, Prenatal Massage, as well as Deep Tissue Massage, there is always integration of these modalities with each session. A Philadelphian native herself, Lydia lives in the area with her husband Jake and their adopted blue-nose pit bull Nala. When she is not busy serving others with massage and bodywork you can find her hiking or cooking with friends and family.


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What Clients are Saying

“Lydia gave me an absolutely amazing massage. She took the time to analyze my body, the way it moved, and where my posture was contributing to my problems. I asked for firm pressure and she did not hold back one bit. Later I went home and took an epsom salt bath like she recommended, and I swear I felt as if I could melt into my bed when I went to sleep. The whole experience was much more relaxing, thorough, educational, and effective than any massage I’ve ever had.”


-Mary Jo K

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