organic skin care exfoliant


Our bodies and skin are constantly in flux with the changing of the seasons. The weather, sun exposure, and humidity levels all factor into the skin we’re in. That’s why we at Fabriq Spa are combing the shelves each week to bring you the best products for your skin right now.

We are loving Starflower’s Raw Chocolate Exfoliant Mask for this season – and not just because it’s Valentine’s Day. Made with raw almond meal and freshly milled raw millet flour, the masque is a super efficient way to exfoliate and deposit powerful antioxidants into your thirsty winter skin! It’s a fabulous synergy for removing dead skin as it reduces wrinkles and pore size, tones capillary action, reduces surface veins and leaves the skin feeling velvety soft and smooth.

Better yet, the Raw Chocolate Exfoliant masque treatment is part of Fabriq Spa’s February Silk Pajamas package. Included also: a rose-infused mini-facial and a thirty-minute Thai foot massage. $110 for the whole package. Ooh la la! See more on the Specials page.

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