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Most teenagers experience acne. Mild cases are considered a normal condition of puberty. But even mild acne can be traumatic to your skin – especially if treated with some of the harsh skincare products on the market. Therefore, it is very important that teens take the time to learn and execute a proper skincare regimen. And that’s where we come in!


1. Get it right from the start.
Learn proper skincare from the experts! So we know kids don’t always necessarily follow a parent’s advice – sometimes it’s easier if it comes from another adult. Our estheticians will share reliable information about treatments and advise which products might best suit your teen’s needs. And they just might listen! Your child will leave his or her appointment with the benefits of a gentle, organic facial, and as well, educated and prepared to maintain the benefits of the facial at home!

2. Do no harm.
Picking your face is bad news. The fact is, a blemish will usually last no longer than 5-7 days. However, a red or dark scar from picking can last weeks, or even months. Products used at home can help reduce clogged pores, but leave it to the professionals to safely extract build-ups the proper way.

3. Problem-solve.
Every face is different and what works for some may not work for others. That is why Fabriq Spa’s organic facials are completely customized based on your teen’s skin-health goals. Hormone fluctuation can aggravate the skin causing breakouts starting as young as 13 so even if problem skin has not yet become an issue, it is never too soon to start a good skincare routine.

4. You are what you eat.
Food choices can affect skin health, so your teen will benefit by speaking with Fabriq Spa’s licensed esthetician & nutritionist, Sandra. Along with treatment, teens will receive healthy ideas about how to nourish their bodies, and at the same time, clear their skin from the inside out.


5. Drug store skincare products may do more harm than good.
As the saying goes, if you can’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it on your face. You may have seen the mysterious warning that oftentimes appears on products: For External Use Only. For the same reasons you choose organic and unprocessed foods at the grocery store, it makes good sense to carefully select your skincare products. Fabriq Spa offers a wide variety of all-natural skincare lines that are good for your skin and good for your body.

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