“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Fabriq. I have primarily seen Gabrielle for acupuncture and I can honestly say she is amazing. She is very patient, kind and explains what she is doing during her treatments. I originally sought treatment with Gabrielle when I was trying to get pregnant. I received acupuncture pre pregnancy and throughout and believe that Gabrielle’s treatments helped me carry and deliver a beautiful baby. The prices are reasonable and they even offer a discount for 5 packs of pre paid acupuncture!” Jessie R.

Monique recently gave me a facial and I am so pleased with my results! I had forehead bumps for years and tried everything. Monique worked her magic and gave me some extractions. So far, so good! I can feel and notice the difference! I hope this place never closes!!!” Jessica L.

“Fabriq is one of the best places for your salon experience but also a positive and healing place. I arrived originally seeking treatment for carpal tunnel in both arms. A friend recommended acupuncture and my sessions with Gabrielle have been soothing and productive. I am no longer waking in the night from aching pain in my arms. The tingling that originally existed diminished greatly as the sessions continued. Another treat was the Swedish massage by Drew! That day was the day I melted away and from such natural talents! (Melted chocolate comes to mind!) This will be the most rewarding, soothing experience you may ever have.” Kim G.

“I was referred to Fabriq Spa through my boss! We had Fabriq Spa come to our salon to do a First Friday event, and the employees I met were absolute gems. Nonetheless, I was a little bit nervous booking my appointment today, because finding someone to give a great massage can be a little intimidating. Turns out, I had nothing to be nervous about.

As a hairstylist and cyclist, I find that my back (and legs) live in a constant state of knot-iness. Drew is a N I N J A. He was able to work out some horrendous knots and kinks in my shoulders, and did these amazing moves that helped relieve a lot of tension in my hamstrings. I could honestly give a step by step of the whole thing, but then I would ruin the excitement for everyone else. Drew was totally charming, and very understanding. I didn’t get scolded or scoffed at for not knowing exactly what kind of massage I needed.

The space itself is beautiful. Very well kept, clean, quant, and has everything you need. Not to mention very serene and peaceful.

I will absolutely be back for more. I left Fabriq feeling like ten pounds had been lifted from my shoulders. You cannot put a price on that.” Emily C

“If you are pregnant, Ana is the BEST masseuse in the City.  If you are sore, uncomfortable, have trouble sleeping, she will make you feel infinitely better. Through stretching, deep tissue massage, pressure point massage, etc., she will have you walking much better right away. I used to go to her at Terme Di Aroma and said I could never get pregnant again without her help. And then she left and I had no idea where she went. I was randomly googling organic spas in Philly to try and find somewhere to go and get a facial and a massage and randomly clicked on practitioners and found her at my 36th week. It was a godsend.

The studio is very cute, the facial I got there with Monique was great and she didn’t try to push any products on me or tell me I was destroying my skin (to push product on me). The massage room in the basement is fantastic–made me feel a little on vacation honestly. Parking is very easy during the day by being just South of Bainbridge–I always found non-metered parking.  I will definitely be back–although I’m totally done being pregnant!” Brooke W.

“I was in today for a spa day for my birthday. I am so pleased with everything about my experience! My special thanks to Drew who gave me the best massage that I’ve ever experienced. I will be back and spread the word.” Greg O.

Ana, my massage therapist, is amazing and has really helped with a sciatic issue that has been bothering me on and off for a year or so. She has just the right balance of strength and softness and I like how she uses different massage techniques. I’m hooked!”

“Extremely pleasant experience! Even my husband was totally impressed and happy with his facial. Totally telling my friends about your place.”

“My first experience with acupuncture and I feel so fortunate that it is with Gabrielle. I initially needed to address lack of energy, feeling out of balance, etc. Gabrielle is an amazing practitioner. She is just wicked smart, asks insightful questions, listens fully, creates a safe environment, and genuinely cares. I don’t claim to understand acupuncture… what it does or why/how it works…I can only say that it does. Each treatment with Gabrielle has had a positive impact. So we are now working to help correct my chronic pelvic floor weakness. Also very curious about facial rejuvenation via acupuncture. I whole heartedly recommend Gabrielle and love that she is right here in Queen Village.” Mary from Philadelphia

“Wonderful, relaxing, massage & interior – thoughtful, beautiful without being fussy.”

“Every time I looked in the mirror I saw my father’s bulldog jowls and my mom’s deep wrinkles. Having no desire to inject anything into my skin or to undergo the knife, I turned to Gabrielle for facial rejuvenation acupuncture. I’m so glad I did. Her warmth, insights, and diagnosis create the perfect combination for healing and health. After each treatment I was energized and upbeat. Healing appeared in many unexpected places. Friends commented on how relaxed I looked. Now when I look in the mirror I once again see me.“ S.L.

“I have been seeing Gabrielle since the beginning of January to treat the symptoms of early-onset rheumatoid arthritis. Acupuncture is one of the recommended treatments for arthritis as massage can often aggravate the symptoms. Gabrielle is a wonderful person and is very warm and caring. She clearly explains each aspect of the treatment and answers any questions you might have. She makes the process soothing, straightforward and effective. Over the past seven weeks, I have noticed a reduction in the swelling and stiffness of my joints as well as increased energy and presence of mind. I highly recommend acupuncture with Gabrielle!” Laurel H. from Abington

Drew is a truly gifted massage therapist. The session helped me enormously.”

“What a beautiful spa! …Gabrielle  has treated me in the past (for over a year) and man, does she know what she’s doing! From migraines, to digestive issues, to just pure relaxation, Gabrielle has a way of making you feel completely safe in her capable hands. She is so great at what she does, and you can tell that she loves it and that makes all the difference. I am so grateful to her, as I have terrible digestive issues and she’s really helped me overcome them – I don’t know what I do without her treatments. The spa is so relaxing that I never want to leave!  And check out the bathroom – it’s so pretty – make sure you look up at the ceiling!  Fabriq Spa is a great find, with a lovely professional staff, and a wonderful, zen vibe.  Oh and all the products are organic!!” Jill G. from Toronto, Canada

“I would like to thank Ana for a pleasant experience. She is very skilled. After my Thai foot massage, I actually felt lighter. She was very helpful and professional. I will be back to try a full body Thai massage. Thanks again.”