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I understand you aspired to be a stunt person ?

I have always been a very physical, kinetic person. Growing up I was obsessed with Evil Knievel’s jump over the Grand Canyon, as well as most of his stunts through the 1970s. I also rode mini bikes, dirt bikes & then motorcycles.  I later moved on to performance art, where my performances were often body- centered & involved physical risk.

So what got you interested in massage?

In addition to performance art, I have had a long-standing involvement in yoga, meditation, dance and martial arts – all of which connect the mind and the body.  From early on, I created my own healing remedies from my research into natural ingredients and nutrition.

The 9/11 tragedy had a huge impact on me. It made me want to be useful, and that’s what really motivated me to enroll in massage school. I thrive on the transformational quality of the work I do – on seeing my clients improve their quality of life.

How would you describe your unique personal style?

I think my clients would say that when they come to me, the first thing they are offered is my full attention.  My personal style is very much a reflection of what each individual client needs. Each session I synthesize what a client verbalizes with what I observe once we are in the treatment room.

My goal for my clients is to help them find more space in their bodies. Towards that end, my massage style incorporates tools I have been cultivating over the past 10 years, such as:
– Craniosacral & Myofacial therapy (core focused, following connective tissue, non-invasive, safe)
– Shiatsu /point work  (specific/work smart not hard/ not forced or imposed)
– Energy work (Reiki)

What are some common issues that come up in your work as an MT?

Many people have multiple traumas in their bodies whether they are aware of them or not. These injuries, as well as emotional traumas are stored in the body on the micro and macro level (see “Waking The Tiger” by Peter A. Levine for more on felt sense & release).

Interacting with technology has created a whole new set of injuries ( poor posture is a big culprit), which also can have the effect of disconnecting us from others.

It is also worth mentioning the basic human need for touch! The human body is a phenomenal instrument capable of great self-healing with assistance. It’s a blessing to be in the role of a guide to be part of someone’s personal healing journey. I love the challenge, creativity & adventure as well.  Being a body worker keeps me engaged on multiple levels and it is very rewarding work for me.

Tell us about something new you’ve been working on that is currently influencing your practice.

I enjoy working with animals (companion animals like dogs & cats).  I would love to assist working animals (police/ homeland security dogs for special needs such as the visually/ hearing impaired  & PTSD) which led me to become interested in a therapy called Tellington Touch Therapy.

How Do You Relax?

I recently started Fusion Belly Dancing, which is expressive & challenging (the music is awesome!) & practice Bikram yoga (hot yoga) which I find very healing.

And now for some Jackie trivia…..

Color – Indigo
Gem – Emerald
Season – Winter
Food – Vietnamese
Animal – Tiger

Dream destination: Morocco

Zodiac sign: Taurus ( physical , strong, tactile)


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