Debunking 3 Common Myths About Acupuncture

Debunking 3 Common Myths About Acupuncture

When people think of acupuncture, they may imagine a scary or negative experience rather than a calming and restorative one. The goal of acupuncture is to bring your body back to balance in a way that is catered to the specific needs of your body. We are here to help eliminate concerns you may have about acupuncture. We are going to do this by debunking myths and get you clarity on the concerns that you may have about acupuncture.I encourage my friends to go all the time! I let them know they will be supported with their concerns and talked through the needle process and that the benefits are life changing!

Myth #1: The needles are painful and thick.

Long , thick needles ?! That can not be further from the truth. Here at Fabriq, our practitioners Gabrielle and Catherine use the thinnest needles possible- really more like a wire than a needle. These needles are nothing like the ones used for drawing blood. No fluid can pass through them. Once these needles are removed, they are then disposed of in a medical waste container: never re- used.

Myth #2: Acupuncture is an intense time commitment.

Well, healing from acupuncture takes a little longer than the symptom relief one gets from taking a pill.  The good news is that on the way to healing the main side effect is one of extreme relaxation- and no patient has yet complained about that!  In order for an ailment to properly heal, one needs to give their body time to ‘reboot.’ One might not feel physical results until after a few sessions but can usually tell within 5-7 appointments if acupuncture is an effective route to treat their particular ailment. What our practitioners are looking for is a change in symptoms. Often, just seeing a shift gives them an indication of whether acupuncture is going to work for them.

Our acupuncturists Gabrielle and Catherine really take the time to talk with you and see how they can best help. The initial 90 minute intake session gives you the opportunity to communicate your concerns thoroughly- whether you’re coming for fertility, digestion, chronic pain or anxiety. Gabrielle and Catherine will discuss your treatment goals with you and give you a realistic projection of how acupuncture might help you achieve your goals.

In order to get the best results it is crucial that you stick with it regularly.  A healing momentum builds with each consecutive acupuncture treatment. Yes, taking a pill is less of a time commitment, but it may not get to the root of your complaint, just cover it up for a short while.

Myth #3: Acupuncture is ineffective.

Not according to our patients! Acupuncture has helped our patients achieve varying goals:  from chronic pain relief to resolution of digestive issues, and has even helped some have children.  Read on to find out from our patients about how acupuncture has helped them……


Meg & Infertility


Infertility is a big problem among women today and Megan Thompson is a long time patient here who had faced this tough issue. After trying everything Western medicine had to offer, she sought out acupuncture. After six months of acupuncture with Gabrielle, she became pregnant and maintained treatments which led to her birthing a happy and healthy baby girl.

Read Megan’s interview below to get a better idea of her story and how acupuncture may be the right choice for you.

(Q) What was your biggest concern going into acupuncture?

(A) Time is valuable. Money is too. I was concerned that acupuncture could be a waste of both!

(Q)  What was your objective through acupuncture? Do you feel it was met?

(A)   After one miscarriage followed by 2 years of unsuccessful attempts to conceive, and after standard infertility evaluation (semen analysis, ovulation assessment, tubal patency) was normal, I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility. My husband and I were desperate for a baby. I was not ready for anything Western medicine had to offer in terms of assisted reproductive technology (ART). Research shows that acupuncture contributes to positive outcomes when used in conjunction with ART. So I figured, why not try it alone first. Acupuncture was a comfortable “next step” in this painful journey.

In short, my objective was to do something to help me get (and stay) pregnant. My objective was met! After 6 months of weekly acupuncture treatment with Gabrielle, I became pregnant. I maintained treatment throughout my pregnancy and now have a precious, healthy baby girl.


(Q)   How did the acupuncturist help you reach your goal?

(A)  Gabrielle is amazing. Her personal experiences fueled her passion for acupuncture. That passion and compassion is evident in her approach to treatment. Her review of my symptoms each week was a consistent time for me to “check in” with myself. I felt informed and empowered.

(Q)  What advice would you give to a friend who was interested in acupuncture but had some hesitation?

(A) Read about it. Try it. And give it a few weeks before you determine whether or not it is helping. I am a Physician Assistant and I was trained to practice Western medicine. My husband and I were both skeptical at first because we couldn’t comprehend how getting stuck with little needles can do anything but hurt! But there is evidence that it does more than just pinch. When I told him I was serious about acupuncture, he did some reading. Through heavy research, we found studies that show acupuncture has been successful in the treatment of things like dry eye as well! Once he read that, he was on board with the investment.

God answered our prayers when he gave us our baby girl. He used Gabrielle’s expertise and friendship to help treat my anxiety (likely the main contributor to my infertility) and prepare my body for pregnancy. I wish you all the best in your journey to health.

If Megan didn’t convince you, hear from someone who used acupuncture to manage their chronic pain.

Patient with Chronic Pain from Autoimmune Disease


Question:  What was your biggest concern going into acupuncture?

Answer:  NEEDLES! I have a fear of needles and a lot of anxiety around getting my blood drawn   I was very relieved to learn that these needles are completely different from regular (hypodermic) needles, and tiny.

(Q)  What was your objective through acupuncture? Do you feel it was met?

(A) My objectives through acupuncture were chronic pain management, stress reduction, migraine relief, and help controlling my autoimmune disease. My objectives were absolutely met! I have been coming to Gabrielle for years and she has used acupuncture to help me through major flares, and helped reduce my symptoms to prevent me from needing more and more medication.

(Q)  How did the acupuncturist help you meet your goal? 

(A)  Each time I come for an appointment, Gabrielle discusses my symptoms with me and comes up with a plan to target my concerns.  The treatments vary according to how I am feeling each time I come.  

(Q)  What advice would you give to a friend who is interested in acupuncture but may have hesitations? 

(A) I encourage my friends to go all the time! I let them know they will be supported with their concerns and talked through the needle process and that the benefits are life changing!

We hope you have gained some valuable insights on how acupuncture can be the right choice for you by debunking some myths and hearing some success stories from the patients  themselves. 


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