Facial Gua Sha

Facial Gua Sha

A new facial service has arrived at Fabriq Spa: The Gua Sha Facial. You may be wondering, “what the heck is that?!”

Gua Sha (pronounced “Gwa Sha”)  is a lifting, sculpting and smoothing treatment that rejuvenates your neck, jaw, nasolabial line, under-eye, brow, forehead and scalp. This facial technique is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine and it focuses on firming and uplifting the skin using smooth jade and other stone tools designed specifically for the purpose. 

The Gua Sha Facial serves multiple purposes, but its main objectives are to treat wrinkles, dark circles, dull skin, eye puffiness, smile lines, sagging, or dull skin. (Hint: it is a great natural alternative to botox and other toxic fillers.) Gua Sha also improves circulation, makes for plumper and smoother skin, increases hydration.  

The Gua Sha facial has received a lot of popular media recognition lately. Explaining the buzz around it will help provide you with extra information on this type of facial from different sources.

Gua Sha is an Eastern practice that has recently been brought to light because of its botox like results. Nationally known publications are raving about this new facial method and people are trying it for themselves.

Vogue magazine published an article praising Gua Sha as the secret tool to better skin in 2018. Then, a year later, Harper’s Bazaar weighed in on the current Gua Sha trend, reporting that women are giving up Botox for this natural less pricey alternative. Both are easy informative reads that may peak your curiosity as well.

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In order to get a closer  understanding about how amazing Gua Sha is, we are going to hear from the facial Gua Sha practitioner herself. Monique has been an esthetician since 2002 who is our resident facial Gua Sha expert expert. We asked her some interview questions so that you can get to know her and her experience with Gua Sha first hand. 

Read the full interview below.

Question:  What first got you interested in the Gua Sha Facial?

Answer:  Ever since I started working in an organic spa I became very passionate about a more holistic view of skincare. I was looking for special facials that would help some of the more common complaints I hear from clients: general skin health, and how to mitigate the effects of aging on our skin. One place I often get new ideas on skincare is through my a holistic esthetician group. Facials that incorporate Gua Sha came up repeatedly during our discussions. After continuously hearing about the benefits of facial Gua Sha, I had to experience the effects myself.  It was incredible, so I pursued advanced esthetic training in the method. I’ve been sold ever since.

Q:  How does Gua Sha differ from other types of facials?

A: Our Gua Sha facial includes all the components of our signature organic facial, with the addition of  a 30 minute massage to the face, neck and decollete using a tool specific to Gua Sha (a jade or crystal stone).  

We can do a mini gua sha with a cleansing and mask if you are looking to get a taste of this luxurious treatment.

Q: . What advice would you give to someone who is hesitant about facial Gua Sha?

A: Well I would say  there is no reason to be hesitant! The Gua Sha facial can help with so many skin issues like dullness, loss of elasticity, dark circles, under eye puffiness, hyper-pigmentation, sun damage, acne , fine lines, wrinkles, and brow furrows.  All without any toxic, harmful, or foreign chemicals. It is a healthy and very relaxing way to put skin care first.

Thanks so much for teaching us about the Gua Sha facial Monique! 

We hope you enjoyed learning about this special kind of facial we are offering at Fabriq Spa. If you are interested in trying out the Gua Sha facial for yourself, either give us a call or book online.  


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