Massage – A Welcome Relief

Massage – A Welcome Relief

I Really Need A Massage Right Now!

Yes, I think everybody feels that way after weathering the last 6 months of the pandemic!  Does your neck hurt from staring at your computer screen? Low back tender because the chair you’re using doesn’t have adequate support? Aches and pains aren’t just literally a pain, they can also distract us from what we need to focus on. That multi-page spreadsheet that needs updating is a lot easier to handle when your body is free from discomfort. Our massage therapist, Cooper, uses subtle techniques honed over his ten years of experience to efficiently address any complaints you may have.

After being at home for so long, it’s hard to notice all of the little things in the background that distract us: news programs, phone alerts, and family members all with their own schedules can make it hard to find moments of calm and rest. Allow us to provide that for you in a space that is free from outside distractions. During your session, allow your mind to wander as your muscles are stretched and soothed. We’ve got the lights dimmed low, candles on, essential oils diffused, and calming music turned on. All we’re missing is you!


Is massage safe right now?

Massage is an activity that still carries some risk, no matter how much precaution we all take. Here at Fabriq Spa we have always focused on cleanliness, but have lately amped up our protocols even farther, such as:

  • Staff take temperature/oxygen readings every day
  • Mask, face shield and gloves worn by staff at all times
  • 30 minutes between appointments for cleaning & disinfecting


As we introduce massage back into our selection of service options, we have decided to keep treatments on the shorter side. One option is a 20 minute targeted session that focuses on a specific area of concern (for example: neck pain from working at a computer). This shortened treatment time allows us to focus on the area that is causing you the most discomfort, while minimizing the amount of time that we spend in close quarters.

We are also offering a 45 minute treatment. This will allow you slightly more time to drift into that “zen” massage state, or allow us to focus on a larger area of tension than a 20 minute session will allow, while still keeping the amount of time spent in contact to a minimum. We look forward to adding back longer massage times as soon as safety permits.

We are excited to see you back at the spa for massage.  We know how much you need it![1]

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